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i got my echinacea!

yeah! now i wont get sick! wheee! mad love @=w=. happy music i tell you. makes me feel good. which is something i need. man, things havent been this good since hanson. hah!

New years tomorrow. Brother having a friend over. imma be in my room reading. Thinking of how i was supposed to spend it with ian. but hey, at least in new years, i'll have a reason to call him and ask him about his resolution and about christmas since i havent talked to him yet. blah. every guy that has consoled me has said that he'll see me and come back to me and he knows he really wants me now, but i dont wanna wait until flargin summer. =�

I totally am in mad love with Weezer. everyone needs to go to ...
although, it might help if you knew something about the band. but there are still some things that are just a riot. greasy chunkmongers. I'm gonna go start my own glorious day. dammit.
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