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On and on...

Ok. Better. I swear.

I dont know if I can even give a proper recap of the past few days, let alone the past week and a half. It's been a trial to say the very least, but then again it was also insanely fun. It was a rollercoaster of DOOM. No rollercoasters at the Mall of America, however, which is a pity because I've had a craving. Hmmm... things are looking up though. Luau tomorrow with Damon, and I cannot even begin to say how much I'm looking forward to just hanging out with him again. Even if we're just doing something inane like watching TV or a movie. I just really want something simple like that. To cuddle and read, skateboard, play video games, or take a trip to Madison or Gooseberry Falls and chat in the car and blah blah. There is seriously nothing else I'd rather do. This weekend will be fun. Still, I need to find a new job. Fuckin' Pier 1... I have newfound hatred for corporations. Fuck them all. Damn the man. Anyway... now... sleep.
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