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You there! With the noise making!

WHOROSCOPE: Use a carrot (not a stick!) to get your way today. Help others to help yourself.

A carrot? What the hell?! Whoroscope, my friends are not rabbits! Ergo, they will not be enticed by your phallic edible suggestion. Liquor or chocolate would be far more effective.

Having a broken computer is really not to my liking. The fact that I have yet to receive a box from the Gateway fuckers is also pissing me off because I paid 40 smackers for it already. Sooooo, on the to do list is a good old fashioned bitch-fest at the vile company responsible for all of my technological frustration. For real, I am going to insist that they give me a new computer. It's not even three years old, and I take hella good care of the little shitter and it's died completely three times. SO! I'm going to push for a new computer if they can't fix this one. I already have them calling me if they have to "clear my hard drive to fix the screen" (because that makes endless amounts of sense...), at which point I will tell them to remove their heads from their asses, my hard drive from Jorge, and insert an m-80 up their ass instead, and then put my hard drive in a NEW computer. If that doesn't work, send me the goddamn hard drive back AND a new computer. I will not be dissuaded. I'm out for blood this time.

Working at Pier 1 is hazardous to my health. I have gouges in two of my fingers, various and sundry other lacerations, scrapes all over my arms, more bruises than I'm even consciously aware of... and my brain is seriously fritzing. I got stuck on candle duty, again because people fucked it up yesterday and couldn't remember how I had it. 0_o I...just...UGH. Furthermore, I am going to kill some of the new temps. M-O-L-A-S-S-E-S. I almost tripped over one because she was just sitting in the isle, hiding from Sarah the All Managing. At least they wont be staying with us long. This much is certain.

The past few days have consisted of frisbee, walking, fooding, LOST, movies, making out etc. etc. ad nauseum(except, not so much with the nauseum), spontaneous plan making, spontaneous plan abandonment, alcohol, laundry (aka the death of my soul), and a few unfortunate events (i.e. losing a brand new pack of cigarettes. Ugh.) I love summer. I'm getting the urge to go swimming all the time now, though. I want to kayak, canoe, dive, fish... basically anything that has to do with a large body of water, I'm all for. PLUS! I don't work tomorrow! So tonight Dan is back, and we're going to meet up with Kevin, Aaron, Damon, and maybe Zach and go infiltrate a new building. Huzzah!
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