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I win at life!!

Oh man... two weeks until the geekiest, most fantastical party EVER! There will be streamers and pudding and TENTS and banners and oh dear CHRIST this is going to be so unbelievably awesome! I ♥ Shoebox. I am grinning like a madwoman.

I am very relieved. I thought my boss was less than impressed with me the last time I worked, and today Monica kept giving me pseudo-impossible tasks, but at the end of my shift it became apparent that both of them adore me. Apparently, I am Monica's lifeline and Keri's #1 Sales Associate - which is weird because I've worked there a grand total of 2 days. Monica literally begged me to come in early tomorrow, so I'm going to. 8 hour shift, biotch. That puts me up to at least 150 for three days, and thank somethin' for that.

Another thing that's making me ridiculously excited is: WE HAVE A DOGGY DUE DATE! We're getting Gucci on Saturday at 2:30 and I'm sooo excited! A dog to love, pet, and snuggle! A dog to walk around the lake and play fetch with! Seriously, this independence thing is rocking my socks. My parents really don't like that I'm getting a dog but whatev... I've gone 2 years without a pet and it's killing me. Plus, it's too perfect! Alice can't keep her and this way she stays in the family, and in good loving hands. So yes. DOG! *flail*

Last night was way fun. Went skateboarding with the Damonator after he got off of work. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable on my board, and I think I need to loosen my trucks. Skating makes me feel so badass even though I can't do shit anymore... Soon though, hopefully. With a bit of practice I'll be able to ollie again and legitimately call myself a skater once more. Hopefully it'll cool down a touch though... the temperature has been fuck lately. I was roasting on my way back from work... but it's delightful in the shade. I need to find a nice patch of skate-able turf where I can practice without being subjected to ridicule. I'm not a huge fan of making an ass of myself, despite how often I tend to do it.

This summer has been so unbelievably fun. Everything is like a constant party, there's always new and exciting things to do and I'm finding out that more and more people are up here this summer. I'm hoping to hang out with Dan sometime soon. This weekend should be awesome, with the whole gang, the cake, and the dog and whatnot. So excited! I'm so optimistic! And hopefully Lindsay will be able to come visit soon, and Matt's planning on coming. Hopefully Shane can make it out too. Schaynna said she'd come up too which would be interesting, to say the very least. Michelle will be here in a week! And then we've got the Shoeboxie goodness and my brain is going to melt from the happy.

Everything is looking up. I haven't properly squeed yet about boy, but I am really enjoying this relationship. Moreso than I've enjoyed any of my previous ones... so unbelievably satisfied. There's no shady behavior, and everything is always entertaining. I still get chills and tingles when he holds my hand or kisses me. Good deal, ya'll. I am feeling really appreciative of everything that I have right now, and I want to hug everything, sing and dance. I want to snuggle Damon... we'll see if tonight will cooperate with my moods. It's going to have to be an early evening, due to the fact that I'll be working at 9 am... but hey, moneys!

Also, giraffes.

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