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You there! Stop that!

Today has been delicious so far. When I woke up this morning - and mind you "morning" is an extremely relative term - there was a cool breeze blowing over my face, and I was lying in a veritable pool of sunlight and I was basking. I got out of bed at 12, took a wonderfully refreshing shower, and now I'm thinking about going on a nice walk in what I sincerely hope is skin-scorching sunlight. Jesus! Say that one ten times fast, I dare ya. (It totally won't be skin-scorching anything because there is a little patch of rain that is developing and hovering directly over Minneapolis. Imagine that...

Nothing will deter me from my trip to the tobacconist, however. This much is certain. I spent a good portion of last night thinking about moneys and about where I should apply so as to attain mas moneys, and lo and behold , the whatever from high above the thing kicked in again. I thought Pier 1 wasn't going to give me any hours whatsoever, because I simply was not scheduled. This morning, however, I get a call from my manager begging me to work tomorrow and wednesday. This is good. I'm still going to collect applications today, because I really want a job with tips so that I can generate some spending moneys.

Tonight: PASGETTI!!! Yes, that is the proper way to spell and pronounce spagetti in my world, thanks verreh much. I'm looking forward to it. I kind of want to make garlic bread too... or garlic sauteed green beans. C'mon, I'm Italian. I need garlic like I need oxygen. Speaking of Italian, I just found the best. word. ever...

Main Entry: Ita·lo·phile
Pronunciation: i-'ta-l&-"fIl
Function: adjective
: friendly to or favoring what is Italian
- Italophile noun


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