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Feel the power of the Phantom Mullet!

today was another ugly day. but hey ... only in dreams. sigh. Phantom Mullet, wicked song. Lyrics on bottom. whee. I'm sick of people. I want them to all go away, well, except my select few that i know of. But otherwise, i wanna live in a brick house on a lake and have the entire inside be nothing but white, silver, and glass. and have people just leave me alone. today everyone was on my case. and my dad was always bitching about anything and everything. I just want to be alone with a book and my dog! JEEZ!

i'm sick of people asking "How's your life?" "How are things?" Great, they're going okay. nothings really desperately wrong. I say something stale and superficial, not to ruin your day or anything. Something swell...something gay with the toothiest smile. Cheesy ass grin. Something sappy, something happy, i feel CRAPPY. something smells like bile. I feel like i'm just bursting everyone's bubble with my presence. Dont mean to rain on your happy parade. just crawling my way through the dismal grey of nothing. Frostbite kills. I can count my years in scars. arent i special? Imma go read my book cuz now my BROTHER is bitching at me cuz he wants the computer. no one is ever happy?

Cruisin downtown in your Camaro
REO Speedwagon on the stereo
Its kind of catchy, kind of a virus
Cutting you're hair like Billy Ray Cyrus
You're probably bummed, You probably cried
You're probably sad that the guy from Lynard Skynard died.
You're probably singing "oh, oh, oh"
All night long.

Feel the power of the Phantom Mullet.
Tremble and cower from the Phantom Mullet.
White metal burn of the Phantom Mullet.
Combed Straight or Permed its the Phantom Mullet.
Cutting it short on top
I want that for me
Growing it long in the back
So savage and so freeeee.

Drop into first you're taking it slow
You're such a rock star,
You could never know.
I wish i was singing, "oh, oh, oh," all night long...

[c'mon steve. WEEEEEEEW YEAH!]
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