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Ok f-list...

I'm posting again because I think all of you need to understand the extent of the broken-ness of my foot. Because Holy Mother of OW this thing fuckin' kills. I'm tempted to amputate. Ice literally has no effect on the OW. Nor does Ibuprofen stand any chance of quelling the yowza. Which means? "FUCK! THIS REALLY HURTS!" ... maybe I should drink a lot of milk?

Also, it has come to my attention that some of you - due to school being let out - have taken to abandoning the Fellowship of the Livejournal, and therefore making my friends-list appallingly brief and not nearly as entertaining as it has been and should continue to be. So, for those of you that are guilty of this heinous crime, FIX IT! You know who you are... *deploys glare of disappointment/rage/persuasion* Rrrr...

So I've been talking with Sirius and the more we talk, the more I can't wait for this HPRP shindig. There is talk of cake, and pudding, and nudity, and practical jokes, and general indecency, and curses, and ...

ETA: I currently hate the whatever from high above the thing. Without that prick, the tobacconist would still be open. I had PLANS, man!
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