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This weekend was...

- Remarkable!
- Filled with surprises and Adventure!
- Long and filled with alcoholic beverages!

... just take your pick.

Seriously though, this weekend has called a couple things to my attention. One of these new-found discoveries has caused me all manner of torment and despair. That being: God does not want me to skateboard ever again. For one thing, my foot is still broken. How do I know this? It hurts. OW!omfg. However, I can still just cruise around on the board without injuring or irritating it, and I had every intention of doing so this weekend but every single time I go to skate the sky decides to piss on my head and dump buckets of rain down for no readily apparent reason! It's like a precipitation ambush! Sunny and beautiful then in three seconds it's pouring ... and then the ground is all wet and there are puddles and you can't skateboard in wet because it ruins the board, and you fall, and you'll probably just die, and that's just not the name of the game.

Random discoveries, however, are totally the name of the game. Damon and I took a walk Thursday night after he got in town and we found a fuckin' boat. Seriously, we were walking along the lake path, minding our own business when we look and right against the path is a free-drifting, ownerless nautical vessel. So, of course, we hop in and take the little thing for a spin. It was delightful and so wonderfully unexpected that I couldn't stop laughing. The water was so tranquil and it was very picturesque. The next night, he magically found a bouquet of three roses which are now beautifying my desk. It's been lovely.

At this point, I would like to say that I love my life. Everything is going so well. I've got great friends, plans to look forward to, freedom, and I'm really not wanting for anything besides a couple million dollars. Today I was smoking a cigarette in the sunshine and watching planes go overhead when on my break and I wanted to call everyone and tell them that I am happy. I am so happy and I am living my life. Surviving and loving every minute of it. This weekend has been a blast. Tomorrow will be fun as hell and I'm doing just fine. Life is good.
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