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If you like Pina Coladas...

...then you'll be jealous of me this evening.

Four. Hours. *squee* Ugh, I totally can't wait. Patience is definitely not one of my favorite virtues. Still, I've got things to occupy me (which explains why I'm totally not doing them and writing this instead. Hah!) I'm going to be making a delectable avocado paste for our toasted baguettes with grape tomatoes and avocado topping. The mouth, it waters. I need to eat something in the interim because we wont be "eating" until the pre-bar and Damon's arrival. Garlic noodles sound fantastic.

I miss Faith! Miah and I have very different ways of living and while it's fun and all that... honestly, it's just not the same! I miss the beagle-ing, the "your mom"s, the maniac noises before we collapse at 3 a.m. Where is my partner in crime? Donde?!? I try calling and all to no avail. *sniffle* I want to adopt her as my sister, that way she'll never be able to permanently escape me. We need our LOST-fests! Our drunken crazy-talk whilst watching Lord of the Rings! Who will help me beta my Harry Potter in Half the Time now that I'm actually working on the damn thing again? There's a hole in my heart, and a plethora of inside jokes that are being horribly neglected. *le sigh*

In other news, my laptop battery continues to amaze me with it's capacity to suck. so. much. It keeps outdoing itself too, it's remarkable. The fucker used to last around 2 hours... and now I'm lucky if it gets me 50 minutes it seems. Well, I better post this before it decides to croak. Fear not though, I'll return.
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