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Oh, the thrill of anticipation...

Coffee and Animal Crackers should not be allowed to be this good. It's like oreos and milk, but tastier and with caffiene! *twitch*

So now that my OMGNOMONEYS panic has subsided, I can focus on the finer things in life. Fuck money, seriously. Still, it's pretty obvious that the whatever from high above the thing must like me... because I thought I was going to be 100 dollars short on my rent, but miraculously my paycheck from Pier 1 saved my ass and then some. Still, I need to get more hours because the next credit card bill is going to kick my ass otherwise. Whatever. Fuck money. I'll be fine. I always am. I'm invincible.

Saw Michael Buble's music video for Feelin' Good and it's high quality. I didn't enjoy it as much as I could of on account of the fact that I was roasting alive today. It seriously got to the point where I broke down and put on shorts... when that wasn't sufficient I just dove into my swimsuit. Still, it made me realize something... going to work in business casual is not going to be a pretty picture. I already have a deep loathing for khaki, and most of my "dress shirts" are long sleeved. Maybe I'll bring my clothes in a bag and change... or hope that it rains every day that I have to work. There's a thought... Oi! Mother Nature! I have a proposition...

Miah is doing a Lil Jon impression. Oh God. I spent a good chunk of today cleaning the apartment and I really hate cleaning, but Damon is going to be here in 23 hours, yo. So. excited. And holy crap, Miah and Dennis just made these magnificent twice baked potatoes and we've got white wine and it's beyond delicious. I heart food. *CHOMPSNARF* Insert pause for gestation here...

Ok... so now it's 22 hours and Damon will be back in Minneapolis and then the fun really begins again. Full swing. We've got tomorrow evening to ourselves, cooking to be done, parties have been planned, there is talk of bunging... I am going to tackle him. There is no avoiding it. I've got butterflies... I feel like such a girl, what the hell? I've gotta call Dan... this weekend is going to be so much fun! This month is going to be awesome, now that the obligatory trip back home is done and over with ... Nothing but optimism. Awe and wonder. This will be a summer to remember. Anyone that has the ability to get in on it, should. I'm just sayin'.


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Jun. 2nd, 2005 02:05 pm (UTC)

Have fun! Looks like I'll be having some of my own, too!
Haha stay in touch gorgeous!

Haha what am I saying?
As if I need to *TELL* you to have fun hahahah

- cal
Jun. 2nd, 2005 10:38 pm (UTC)
Heh... Fun is my middle name, yo. ;)
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