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Brief Overview

So. Effing. Tired.

My brother graduated today. It was odd, I feel so old. So ancient, and so very out of place anywhere near that high school. I doubt I'll ever set foot in it again, and I also doubt that I'll feel any remorse whatsoever. I saw so many people and it was just an overload that I wasn't ready for. I fled pretty quickly. It was good to see Stephie and Jen again. I want to hang out with them but WHEN is the question... so many people, 5 3 days. Christ. I saw Zach there... and it's so weird how people that were once such great friends can grow apart and become total strangers with absolutely nothing in common. Bizarre. Such is life, I guess - but it's so depressing? To think of how many people you just gradually lose along the way... but so many more are gained. It's just strange.

Thursday was alright. The bus down was cool. Sat across from an Amish guy, read a lot of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, got a number from another massive black man (this one had a mediocre name, though. "Karl" to be exact.) ... but I got in, my mother bought me a bunch of "product" because I'm too poor to buy my own shampoo, etc. Saw Star Wars with Caitlin and holy suck. Wow. I laughed so hard, I can't even tell you. I might write an open letter to George Lucas about it... and then get shot or beaten to death with fake light-sabers by all of the stark-raving lunatic fans that I would - no doubt - sorely offend. Afterward I drove back, picked up Matt & we went for a walk around the lake and talked a LOT about a bunch of existential nonsense, what we want to do with our lives, psychology, fear, motivation, film, and a lot of nostalgia. Watched a thunderstorm come over the lake, then chased it. I've missed the lake so much... there's something so picturesque and wonderful about it - even if I do hate where it's located.

Tonight after graduation the girls and I went and rented Anchorman, got some Frosty Freeze, watched the aforementioned movie with my brother. After which, I took Stinky home and called Damon - who is currently in DC. I. Miss. Him. Five days... but patience is so not my thing. At least I'm pretty distracted for the time being but ugh... It'll be wonderful when he gets back. I might will probably tackle him.
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