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Hold up, rewind.

On May 4th, I promised you pictures of the glorious and magnificent Pope hats that I constructed with my own dexterous and loving hands. And so, with no more ado, I give you...

...that's all I got.

Rrrrrrr!! Phear the wrath of the POPE!
Also, for the record, this is the worst picture of me that I've ever allowed to make its way onto the internet.

Last but certainly not least...

Popey Love. Har har.

I'd really like to make a pope-hat army but I have a feeling it would look suspiciously like the KKK, and that's definitely not what we're goin' for. I mean, c'mon. Is you is, or is you ain't my constichensee? Methinks it's time for some cereal. I've been awake for almost an hour - which is remarkable, considering the party we had last night - and now I am hungry like the beast. Ravenous. ...Vegetarian. *defiant chomp*

Laundry today. Thumbs down. Laundry is even more degrading and depressing now that I have to pay for it. You know it's really bad when you consider just throwing a few "key items" into the bathtub and hanging them up to dry. Especially when you have three loads and you're seriously considering taking your laundry down with you when you go home in two days (jesus, that is a horrible thought), just so you don't have to pay. I really find myself wanting today to be mellow, but I don't want it to be *too* mellow. Everyone that I know should call me. Someone should come on a bike ride with me. I'm just sayin'.

IN OTHER NEWS: Honey Bunches of Oats cereal is so delicious it's almost too delicious.

Also, giraffes.

Also also, I feel ... apologetic? Things with Nikki might not have gone so hot last night, but it still needs lots of re-eval. I still feel like a jackass. The walk around Lake Calhoun was wonderful though, even if Aaron did talk politics at me 3/4 of the way. Kidding, ya gotta love the kid. Hearts. Great bigguns.

Also, also, also...Shelby is not feelin' very pretty lately. Somethin' needs to change. Don't quite know what, but I can say that a haircut has been a flirtatious possibility. A re-touch on my color is a definite necessity. One problem... need moneys for that. My wardrobe definitely needs an update seeing as most - if not all - of my clothes are from high school(ew*gag*omg).

Also, also, also, also need to stop with the snrrrrrking. It's summer, and it's nice out. No snrrrrrk allowed.

Finally, "also" is a really weird looking word.
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