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Oh what a beautiful mooooooooooooorrrnniinngggg!! Why won't my apartment clean itseeeellff? It's sunny and tonight will be a fun one... so I'll just quickly shove all this extra shit on my sheeellfff..

Seriously, ya'll. My room is a mess right now. Tomorrow that will be my project. To get it clean once more. Ick. I hate cleaning. This morning I woke up and couldn't for the life of me figure out how it got so fuckulated in here. *le sigh* Oh well. I'm lovin' the apartment sooo much though. I'd love it even more if I had a robot that would clean for me. The dishwasher will have to do though, and that thing is a godsend. I would not have enjoyed washing the dishes from last night by hand. No siree. I'm also not enjoying the wailing children outside. I swear, I have no maternal instinct at all. My first reaction is definitely not "calm the child"...

Im sooo glad to have the internet back. I think tonight I'll try to find out how to put the band back into Damon's record player. Still need to hear Bad Brains. It's kind of weirding me out how time has flown. It seems like forever since I was living in Middlebrook and stressing about finals, when really it less than two weeks ago. Seriously, what the hell? Working at Pier 1 has made things go a lot faster. My co-workers are insane, and it's delightful. I don't think I'll ever tire of shamelessly ripping on the clientel. It's too easy, and far too hilarious. Drew has informed me that they're looking for a stopper on his soccer team and I'm so beyond tempted. I like kick ballPOW! Anyway, I should probably hop in the shower because Aaron and Nikki are gonna come over today so that should be muy interesante. Life is good.
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