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Let them eat... Cheetos?

There is something remarkable and so surreal about hearing that you're going to be missed. I'm all smiles today.

... Yes, yes I am. Even though I just found out I have 10 dollars to my name. Soooo, yes. Donations are definitely taken here. I'm contemplating having a rent party, 40's style. I can't wait to COOK. On Saturday we're getting more dishes, Teflon, furniture, and candles! We have a blender, thanks to Damon. Tonight we're probably gonna go get a shower curtain and some dishwasher detergent at the very least. I can't really grasp the fact that I'm leaving the 'Brook for good in less than 24 hours. The hell?

Soo much to do! Still, I find myself just being really chill today. I have to do my laundry... pack up the room. Taking all the shit off of my walls is going to suck ass sideways... but it happens, I guess. I don't know how I'm going to move my remaining charcoal monsters. That'll be interesting, to say the very least. It better stop raining... I know that much. Guh... I gotta do Tynan's Spanish tonight to. I should probably get to that right now actually... go throw in a few loads of laundry and do some E-span. God knows I could use the extra 50 bucks.

I am going to miss Damon, but it's only three weeks... and then we attack Minneapolis and climb whatever the hell we feel like climbing! Last night we scaled a huge dirt mound when we went to Perkins... it was hilarious. We rolled down the hill by Humphrey too and that was insane. I was so discombobulated afterward. Warp speed hill rollin'. Dropped him off at the airport this morning and yes, we totally made out in the rain. Seriously, this has been the best way to end the school year.
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