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I am officially caught up on my f-list! Woot! I totally should be drawing right now, I have to kick out four finished drawings tonight at the very least and I have so much other shit planned that can't, and don't even remotely want, to get out of. Still, the stress is just killing me. I doubt I'll sleep tonight.

So... this past week has been kicking my ass and it's totally all my own fault. I have been spending just about all of my time with boy and granted, there couldn't be a better way to spend it but at the same time... I've been putting everything off until the last damn second - literally. Well, it's not as though I don't always do that but this is extreme procrastination. Memorizing 2 pages worth of text the night before and performing the following morning, writing a 10 page paper in approximately 5 hours total and turning it in 3 minutes before the deadline, and now... drawing like a motherfucker. I still need a shit-load of stuff in my sketchbook. I'll get it done I'm sure, if only because I am a goddess. If I get good grades this semester I'll be shocked. Again with the totally not really deserving them.

Haven't read babb_chronicles yet and I really want to! I'm saving it for myself as a treat for when I finish my first drawing. After my first drawing is done I'll read it. Then start the second, and by that time that's done I should... blast on into the third. *pout* Guess I better get started. *le sigh*
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