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Buena man(goddamnit my laptop won't let me add the tilde) anananaaaaaaa!

Sooooo tired!

I have an amazing drawing to show for it, and watched the first two episodes of LOST with Damon. Tomorrow I need to work. I need to drink coffee, draw, and not smoke so much(had two before I came inside oh god 0_o). Then I need to take Damon out for his birthday. Then I need to go Bunging. Right now, I need sleep. I'm sorry I've disappeared. I've been catching up on your ljs and I promise I will try my darndest to read every blessed word that every blessed one of you has typed with your ever-so-blessed fingers. Uh... yeah. I, as I said so eloquently before, "need sleep".

Tags: bunge, school, squee!
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