Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex

` gasp hack hork

well brandon my friend, the insomnia could have been a pretty good guess....the reason for my late night flip out, and now im up again. been up since 8:00...having a gd athsma attack, and to make that worse my nose is plugged and my sinuses are killing me. Yeah I mowed the lawn, heres my proof i'm going to pass out on the floor because i cant breathe.! o0o. and that is a pet peev of mine, when people write i cant breath.! instead of using the e as it is proper. that drives me nuts. coffee, help meeee. normally hot fluid does help...maybe i just need more. *sneeze* ugh. dear god why cant i just be NORMAL and be able to breathe like a regular human being.! instead of all this gasping and coffing and wheezing, and getting dizzy and getting nauseated and repeating the whole process. ` rolls eyes. i truly am disfunctional. be nice if i could find my piece of shit inhaler but the second you need it its nowhere to be found and then when you dont need them you find about 5. hmph. i wish my brother would stop being all, you gonna be okay? i think this is really serious. you shoud call someone, call dad, call the ambulance if it gets worse at least. UGH! as though i cant take care of myself. So i make annoying noises when i breathe and i suffer the risk of passing out i am NOT wasting MY morning in a gd hospital.! i HATE my lungs.
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