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I rock the Pope-Hat.

Ooookay, so I totally disappeared and I'm sorreh, but omg-the-busy! The final scene for TH1101W is over and from what I hear, it was really good. We had a pretty rockin' audience for it. Damon came, heh. Truth be told, he's most of the another reason I haven't been online much. More on that later. For now, a short recap/information spew.

- I totally have another scene tomorrow, and my lines are not memorized. After that, I have a paper due on Friday, a 10 pager due on Monday, and I need to have 5 drawings done by Wednesday.

- We got our apartment keys! HEE! We're going to have a "rent party". Har har. Maybe... we haven't decided when or what or who or blah. I've been invited to another party anyway and plus I'm living day by day, I have no idea what's going on.

- It's 62 degrees outside! Spring hath returned! I'm going to memorize outside in the sunlight.

- I made pope hats last night. No, I'm not joking. Yes, it is hilarious. I will be posting pictures.

- For some reason, I can't care about my grades right now. Maybe it's just because I know I have an A in all of my classes, so even if I bomb I can't fail... or I'm in denial of how little time I actually have. Either way I can't focus, my mind wanders... oh look, there it goes now.

- The girl next to me is totally writing a note in gel pen on notebook paper. That is so cute.

- I talked to Matt on Monday. That was weird. I really didn't have the patience for it but it had to happen. I got a letter from him yesterday that really pissed me off. Apparently he's going to be stopping by on Friday night... that's going to be awkward. Rrrr.

- The soda machine ate my money this morning. Not cool. All I wanted was a Cherry Coke, but my plans were thwarted by a foul tempered machine.

- BWAAAAHAHAHA. Alex Pate: "That's why Lil' Jon doesn't publish his lyrics. That'd be a pointless waste, just killin' trees for UUHEHEEEEUAYYAYAHHH. Actually, I have no idea what Lil' Jon is saying, but obviously he sees some reason to keep saying it."

- It's goddamn freezing in this room. Go figure, the one day that I didn't bring a hoodie.

- I really want to go skateboarding. I dug mine out this morning and checked to see how warped the fucker is. THEN, as if to intensify my urge, I ran into Dan on my way to class and he was skating and that's when I started fiending. I don't have time though. I need to memorize. I need to practice. Tonight we're going through a rehearsal... Oh dear.

- We're getting Gucci sooner than later. So excited for the little beagle. Having a dog is going to rock.

- Also... omgboysquee! Shelby is happy. Shelby is very, very happy. Last weekend was ridiculously awesome. Hardcore, even. ;) This week has continued to rock. Anyway... yes. Thrilled. ^,^
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