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Unholy Mother of OW!!!

I have been dancing... for six hours straight. I would kill for a bubble bath and/or a personal masseuse. So if any of ya'll got someone you need picked off? Just put me in a bathtub with some bubbles and you got yourself a deal. To reiterate, ow. Owowowowowowwww.

So we totally got the ballet done mere minutes before we "performed" for Joanne, even though Ren played Ledo's part, we hadn't figured out the lighting, and Brent didn't really know his lines. Now, however, after a three hour rehearsal (of which Joanne stayed for maybe 45 minutes...) we have all the lighting cues, the music is set, the ballet is almost remarkable, we are nit-picking about acting choices, and I will officially have bruises on my knees for the next three years thanks to the combination of ballet and wood floor. Overall it was a really productive day. We have our final rehearsal on Saturday at 10 am... and I don't know </i>where</i> exactly. We kind of forgot to check the book to see if we can even get access to our room, so I don't know. Still, rehearsal went really well tonight, even including the almost-rape when Oedipizzle totally broke character and just started stripping and tackling females. Ah yes, good times.

Tomorrow night, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm getting excited. I still think it'll probably suck swamp water backwards through a hypodermic needle(Wow, what the fuck?), but even so it'll be nice to get out and escape from the havoc these final projects have been wreaking. Plus, the company will be marvelous. ;) That being said, OW! Ibuprofen! How ya doin', Ibuprofen? Oh man, Cigarette! I haven't seen one of you in like... 12 hours! And last but certainly not least, BED! Bedbedhibed. *snooooore*

WHOROSCOPE: Keeping quiet will be next to impossible, so don't be too hard on yourself if you let some top-secret information escape your lips. Don't be afraid to ask for favors, but don't push too hard and take advantage of anyone, either.

TRANSLATION: Dude, just tell him you want him. Go ahead, see if he's up for a good 'ol romp in the sack. just make sure he isn't drunk when you ask because there are rules about that.

(Just a question... but how suggestive can Yahoo Astrology get before some sort of divine retribution rains down upon them?)
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