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I win at life...

So...apparently I have class in about 5 hours. Um... what? Can I re-iterate the I don't wanna? Ok.

We went back to Bunge tonight, and I have a pretty little gash to show for it. I actually had the balls to go inside this time and wouldn't you guess... 45 seconds after we get in there we hear an explosion of police sirens and I 'bout lose my mind. Still, we stuck it out and the danger passed. It wasn't cool leaning out the window and seeing a white car though... but it ended up being other delinquents trying to get in, but they don't got our skillz, man! So yes, we totally went to the roof and HOLY-MOTHER-OF-ALL-THAT-IS-AWESOME!! We should totally hang a pirate flag up there. Anyway, hurrah for being totally badass. Though, it was definitely an exercise in masochism because it's 34 degrees.

I'm not tired though. This is a problem. I need to go to class, and I need to get that choreography done, and I need to kick myself into iWriter mode. I have papers to write, evidently. Like... another critical review of The Laramie Project (yes, I am totally just going to adapt my other paper.), 4 journals, Final Paper for TH1101, and my Poetry of Rap paper which is going to require me to do a LOT of research. 0_o Pardon me while my eyes pop out.

This weekend looks alright though. Friday night I'm going to go see the Guide with Aaron and Damon. Super stoked about that. After tomorrow night though, I am also going to be devoting a shitload of time to my final presentation for Fun-for-mentals. I got done with the graffiti tonight, and have massive back pain to prove it. Still, it felt good to do some more designs. Damon and I were talking about how we'd like to do some, so maybe... I donno. Hah, I am so punk it hurts.
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