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oo wee oo i am dressed like rivers cuomo

i purchased new music today. yay! =D

Music makes me happy.

I got...
1.) Alien Ant Farm - Anthology
2.) Five Iron Frenzy - All the Hype that Money can Buy
3.) Pete Yorn - Music for the Morninig After

cool stuff eh? yeah, my mom is a retard. she gave me her credit card today so i could fill her car up with gas. the whole story is kind of depressing. not to mention just plain fucked up. We were supposed to watch Lord of the Rings as a family, but i'd already seen it and apparently she hadnt brought enough money soo0o0o she decided i wasnt needed in their faimly venture ... however she needed gas ... thus i got the card. freaky thing to do... man was i tempted... does the place CANADA ring a bell as somewhere i might wanna just go? and i didnt have anything stopping me. . .

. . . besides the fact that ian doesnt want me there anymore. :( . . .

Speaking of the aforementioned bugger, i have been seeing ian-look-alikes all day. One with a slipknot shirt - his fave band . ( yuh . the ones from IOWA ) another one with a black leather jacket like his, another one with a blue hat like his...and today i heard our song... TWICE!! i mean, bloody hell, why does this shit have to happen?? It's driving me completely daft. today out of just sheer habit i have been wearing his sunglasses. i just noticed like 30 min ago. this just isnt right.
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