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I am temporarily appeased.

OMG ORANGE RAVIOLI GOO! Chef Boyardee, you are currently my hero. It's disgusting, but it's true. Hooray for Noxious Italian Rip-Off Product!

After this... Graffiti! Or what I hope will look like really awesome Graffiti. I haven't drawn any in a few years... so we'll see. And I definitely haven't painted any since I was like... a Junior back in C-ridge and even then it was pretty sub-par. Still... we'll see. If nothing else, it'll give me a few sketches in my sketchbook. Taking out two birds with one stone! Yarrrrr! Homework pirate strikes again.

Speaking of Homework Pirate, I totally came back from our rehearsal and synced up the entire script with music. Tomorrow we're rehearsing and finishing the choreography, finalizing the lights and whatnot since Thursday will essentially be our last practice. After that, I will be writing like a madwoman. I have my Laramie Project Critique for Fun-for-mentals as well as 4 journals. Also, I will have to turn in my final paper for Intro on Tuesday. Which reminds me, I have to e-mail bitchface T.A. from hell and tell her how our meeting went. She had a coniption when El Director couldn't articulate his directoral theme. Not pretteh.

I have a job interview tomorrow though for Pier 1 which would rock my socks off sideways! *hopehopehopehopehope* Somehow I forgot that it's only Tuesday. Today feels like Thursday... and it should be last Thursday because then I'd be a lot more calm. I completely biffed my paper for Art today. Forgot about it entirely. So, naturally, I wrote it while I was in class and played it off as though I was having computer problems. I was just so out of it for all of today. At a few distinct moments I lost any and all concepts of time. I am going to do cartwheels when this shit is done, man. Until then, I'll be relying heavily on a constant supply of caffiene and nicotine.

WHOROSCOPE: Still daydreaming about being somewhere else? Just dying to hop on a plane, bus or train -- or any other vehicle that will get you out of Dodge in a hurry? Well, go ahead. Get it out of your system.

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