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Panic is my muse.

Ok ya'll. I need to put things back into perspective here. My meter-o-stress has been in the red for the past few days and it's really wearing me out. Please, if I start freaking out, remind me that I still have a full week to throw these things together and a nice long weekend. I am going to be fine. I always rock under pressure. I have amazing B.S. abilities and have thrown together beautiful A-grades mere hours before their respective deadlines. Other classmates of mine don't even have scripts yet, and I've already got my sets and music cues laid out and finished. Basically all I need is rehearsal. Since I am a goddamn genius, memorization and performance shouldn't be too hard. I mean c'mon, I have talent... and that's why they pay me the big bucks(except for the part where they totally don't, but they should!).

On a completely unrelated note, the tulips next to me smell lovely.
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