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yes...teenagers are nocturnal...duh mom.

yeah its like 12:41 AM and all i can think of is little shithead up in canadia. sigh I wanna know how he got the notion in his head that I wouldnt want to talk to him because that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Dammit, i wish he'd talk to me when i call.

now they're talking about slipknot on tv....his fav band. i'm cursed. Man, this is maddening.

.o0(slipknot is from IOWA? That makes sense... Idiots Out Walking Around. They really sound poserish...anyone that repeatedly says motherfucker... ugh. "can i say piss?" like a real rock band would care. They're just a stint.)

When will people realize N'SUCK & O - CRAP are NOT bands?!?! pop will eat itself...

I hate american eagle. I hate gap. I hate pop. I hate halter whores. I hate rap. I hate vanilla sky. I hate all these "punk style" trends. When will preps just fuck off and die? Not to mention just fucking realize that punk is not manufactured! gawd. buying spikes doesnt make you punk. Liking a song by blink 182 doesnt make you punk. grr-freaking-ar.

I wanna kick adam....he's pissing me off. I want to get everything figured out with ian...i miss him and its pissing me off too. MTV pisses me off... i'll start it on fire.
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