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Let's define creepy, shall we, Joe?

So... 3 a.m. sounds like a good time to go start a fire down at the beach by the Mississipi right? Of course.

Fire is so delightful. I miss living in the country where if I feel angsty, wild, or just plain psychotic I can go start a fire of appropriate size. I. am such. a pyro. I kept thinking how much I miss flinging a match at gasoline soaked timbers. Throwing pop cans into a 20 foot bon fire and fleeing until they explode. *le sigh*

Still... 3 a.m. with ghostly geese shadows, and wind rustling branches by the very high water which is making bizarre rushing noises and causing the boats and whatnot to make all manners of horrifying creeks, squeals, whistles, thunks and assorted other noises from unidentifiable locations... *slightly* terrifying. Let's couple that with mysterious headlights that triggered my cop-dar and a creepy dude that was washing the windows of his barge at 3:45 in the goddamn morning! Eesh. So! Now that my adrenaline quota has been reached... bed.

Also, tulips. ^_^
Also also, pognophobia strikes back!
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