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My focus has evaporated...

So I seem to have Pumpkin Mousse... what the hell? It's delicious, at any rate.

The first draft of Pope vs. God is done. My read-through went well. Good ideas are coming out of it, and I'm beginning to think it'll be decent. I hope one of the bottles breaks, that would be so dramatic. I'm havin some problem focusing on the Oedipizzle script though. The memorization process is going to be slow-going. I'm really worried that both of my scenes are going to be too short. I doubt our scene for Intro will be, what with the ballet and all. At any rate, I've been relatively productive today. Still, I should be more productive but I'd rather watch Philadelphia Story and/or re-read some Shoebox. I wanted to have a fire down by the river tonight since it's relatively warm... but no one will go with me due to the homework shit-storm we're all caught in. Maybe I'll make a deal with myself... if I read through Oedipizzle a few times I'll let myself watch Philadelphia Story. Afterward, if I'm not collapsing from exhaustion, I'll read it a few more times and then read some Shoebox. Hmm.

I don't wannaaaa....
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