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A Pointless Nostalgic... that's me.

My stress level just went through the roof. I e-mailed my prospective topic for my final paper to my TA for Poetry of Rap, and am anxiously waiting either the a-ok, go head, omgshelbyyou'reaGENIUS, etc. Other than that, I really need to start writing out a potential script for my "sending my message out to sea" theme. I don't know what else to do besides the "Pope" idea. I thought maybe a ruined author, but... I don't know. I like the idea of being an new Pope yelling at God for answers, because it definitely has loads of dramatic potential. Still, 10 minutes... somehow it has to stretch out for ten minutes. I'm sure I can pull it off but, only one week left omg. I'm hopefully going to be choreographing my ballet tonight so I can start practicing it...

Hey, um... God? The next few weeks are really going to suck so, um, if you feel like bumping the apocalypse ahead to say um, Wednesday, that would be great, plzkthnx.

Flaming shitballs... I need to draw in my sketchbook. Like whoa. I am supposed to have 24 new drawings since spring break and I think I have uh... 8. Not Cool. I'm so glad Rachel is giving us time in class to work on our final projects... I'm going to have to start piecing my concepts together... I'm a little terrified of this final gallery session. Apparently Rachel is inviting all the other drawing classes and random people on the street. Pressure is on.

I need to go on a calling spree. Shane, Madre, Chris, Bill, blah blah blah. With my luck, no one will pick up their phone. I was comforted after talking to Schaynna but I think she's wrong... because Phil talked to Shane. I don't know, this would probably be easier if I would just get over my bad self and call Matt - because doubtless he's done enough research to re-enact the entire thing. I don't know, I just hate waiting on tenterhooks for some bloody answers. All I know is that if Shane ends up in jail, I am going to kick some ass when I go home.

Things Wot Shelby Wants
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
A Time-Turner.
More Hugs.
Hot Chocolate.
DRUGS. *snnnrrrkk*
To talk to Cal again. Haaa. Cross-global goodness.
To hang out with Jeff some more. Sheer Hilarity.
Company? Where for is everyone?
Irish Coffee. 0_o
A call from Messr. Matthew.
To Dance. Ballet in a few. Good Christ...

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