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all is fair in love and freaky ass fighting mass amounts of people for no good reason.....

yeah...war on terror shit has to stop. i think terror is healthy. muah ha ha! Mah best friend is currently at my side, and we are talking about how much boys really SUCK!!! they're just fucking stupid.

During the course of the past few days i've noticed further proof that without females, the world would be doomed to hell because men would do nothing but continually fuck it up and eventually destroy it. Maybe not eventually....more like...

But oh well. Love em anyway. which makes me a frickin tard. but i like my retardedness dammit. I also would like to go up to canada and re-claim a certain canadian bloke. But yanno, apparently he heard that i didnt want to talk to reguards to that i have one thing to say...


thank god for tabby.she told him that that isnt what she's been hearing. He so eloquently said "oh". blah. i wish this was easier and could be solved immediately. =/ sigh

other than that, i met a lovely english chap that i've been chatting with. he's truly delightful. everyone should check him out. lovely bloke...
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