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Productivity Report...

Things Wot Are Due After this Weekend
Production Analysis: Laramie Project Due: Tuesday
Rehearsal Schedule Due: Tuesday
Visiting Artist Review
Research & Choose Artist for Final Project in Drawing
- bring in print and info Due: Tuesday
ARTiculations Review
Stage Directions Review Due: Tuesday
Bomb the Suburbs Book Journal Due: Monday
Hip-Hop presentation
Mannerism Imitation Due: Tuesday
Prop List Due: Tuesday

Ok... so I had hoped to be further along but it's alright. I still have all of tomorrow, which will hopefully be a laundry/work day. We finally got more detergent and softner, and our softner smells fantastic. Morninglory and Honeysuckle, Biotch! If it's nice outside though, you bet your ass I'll be outside until at least 5. With my luck, it will be and I won't be able to concentrate at all. Several other things have been demolishing my attention span lately...

Today marks day 3 of "the decision". I'm really not digging it, but it makes me feel defiant more than anything. Semi-in control. At least I know I can efficiently and consciously torture myself. Yee haw. I'm really kinda bummed that Matt hasn't called... hmm. I'm sick of guesstimations, and trying to draw conclusions from potentially flawed interpretations. Sick of thinking about it. Sick of worrying about how to "get my life to where I want to be". I hate this society's "goal" oriented mindset. Yeah, it's good to be motivated but life is so much more than a sequence of accomplishments and mile-markers. As a general rule I'm a pretty happy person, I enjoy myself a lot. Every now and then though I get stuck in one of these loops where I feel like something has to give or change. Life is too short and there's too much to do, think about, and enjoy to be wasting time on shit like this. Everything will work out, simply because it has to. I'm a firm believer in making the best out of what you have, because that's all you have. Maybe I just need to put things back in perspective. Maybe my handle on this whole thing has slipped a bit.

I'm really freaking out about getting a job. I don't know why, really. I only really applied at one place that was "looking" for people... and I still have two apps on my floor. I think maybe I'm just overwhelmed with the whole end-of-the-school and dealing with the Final Projects of Doom. So many great concerts are coming up too and I really want to go. I hear tell that Rilo Kiley is coming back, and I know Jason Mraz is but I doubt we could go which really kind of blows since he's losing his goddamn voice. Anyway, I had gotten into a really low mood when I was writing a paper and thinking about everything but the paper... so I went on an Urban Exploration of the Bunge Grain Elevator with Aaron, Damon, and Dan and it was so unbelievably fun. We got some really awesome pictures of these rockin' graffiti pieces, climbed down a disgusting hole in the ground, got scared shitless by human figures moving in the mist... it was good. I want to make a habit out of it... However, right now I want sleep. So, adieu.
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