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All these accidents that happen follow the dots....

So I've decided to be mildly-moderately productive today because, well...

Things Wot Are Due After this Weekend
Production Analysis: Laramie Project
Rehearsal Schedule
Visiting Artist Review
Research & Choose Artist for Final Project in Drawing
- bring in print
ARTiculations Review
Stage Directions Review
Bomb the Suburbs Book Journal
Hip-Hop presentation
Mannerism Imitation
Prop List

Things Wot Are Comin' Up Fast
Lots and lots of sketchbook drawings. I dont even wanna think about it.
Final Scene in Fun-for-mentals
Final Scene for Intro, which I am stage managing and performing.
Final Drawings (set of 3 at least, and I am out of paper. Fuck.)
Moving out - Moving in.

Stress just hit like whoa omg. Especially since I'm really worried about finding a job. I applied at Ragstock and Pier 1, but I haven't heard anything back yet. I was really relieved yesterday when I got my credit card bill though... it was a lot lower than I expected so that's one thing I don't have to worry about. I can pay it off in its entirity and still have money for first month's rent. I hate all this "adult" bullshit. I am looking forward to writing though, the reviews and such don't have to be formal at all, so I'm thinking about doing them with a manic sardonic flare. Possibilities... Also, most of the papers are short. The production analysis will be the worst... and I might leave that for tomorrow just because I really dont want to touch anything involving The Laramie Project with a 20 foot pole.

Weatherbug is a lying whore. All day it's said, "Oh look! It's partly cloudy! Do you see my lovely little symbol? It's got that big orange sun with one *itty bitty* cloud? Yep! That's what it's like! Lovely, innit?" Then I turn, and look out my window and see nothing but grey. I click refresh, it keeps up it's cheerful little LIE. I but... seriously here it's not even a weatherman, it's a weatherprogram and it's so horribly wrong. I am unable. In the sense that I can't even. I've been cursing at it intermittently, and that's about all I got.

In other news, tonight we're going to a coffee house with free live Jazz music omg! I can't even contain my excitement. I wonder if they have a porch where you could smoke... that would be perfect! Lounging in swirls of smoke, listening to jazz, sipping coffee. I can't imagine jazz clubs without the cigarette smoke... this will definitely be an experience.
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