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Would you carry me home?

So. effing. tired. I just finished a drawing that I started at 7. It's really awesome but I am just so wiped now. Which is not good because I still have to memorize a piece for tomorrow. For some reason, it just won't click. Probably because it's from Oedipus Rex and ... ugh. I've been reciting the first two lines to myself for about a minute.

The king broke in with piercing cries, and all had eyes only for him. This way and that, he strode among us. "A sword, a sword!" he cried.

There may be hope for me after all. I'm just so exhausted and I have class at 9, when I have to present the piece I'm memorizing. What can I say? Panic is my muse... Tomorrow is going to be a looooong day. Class until 4:25 and then at 8 I have to go meet yon theatre group to talk about our final project, which I'm stage manager for. I also need to make about four billion copies of the script that we might not even use, but no one else has a better idea, or any idea for that matter, and if Director Boy doesn't choose a fucking scene, you can bet Stage Manager Girl will.

Today was marvelous, despite the 6 hour drawing of doom and having less than 8 hours to have this bloody script memorized. Poetry of Rap was mad heated today. I actually thought there would be a riot at one point. We're continuing the discussion on Wednesday so I'm thinking I'm going to wear running shoes just in case. I'm really looking forward to it, though. Both Alex and Ian thanked me at the end of class. On the list of things discussed: the word "Bitch" and does it always a derogatory word as far as women are concerned(damn, that's a bitch!)?, What is the responsibility of the poet? Are Whites inherently Racist?, Wiggers, and let's not forget, White Privilege and the Dumb Motherfuckers that Don't Even Know They Have It, or Deny that They Do. I kinda wish I had something that I could've recorded the class with. I also wish that I could memorize this fucking script. Bah ... back to the grindstone.
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