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Merry Christmas to all, i'm gonna FREEZE tonight

well its christmas. Feliz Navi-fucking-dad. I dont have the spirit this year. But i'm okay for the most part, sipping my eggnogg coffee. its a little weird but hey, its caffiene! woo! I got my skiis & they farking ROCK! I so wanna go, but being that its christmas, everyone has off and there is nothing to do because everyone has off and everything is closed. So i've been reading this book i found in my basement.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy .

British humour. I've been talking to bunches of brits lately and they rock. The vast majority of them are just raging punks. And punks rock my socks. They are the best people.

Got some clothing for christmas. I was there when the picked it out so i knew everything i was getting. Only problem is, when i got sick i lost 15 lbs and i can barely wear the cute cords i got. Better eat up..

I've got Calvin & Hobbes. I'm special.

Grrrr! <-- see i'm scary. I got another website. .
I meet lots of cool people. wheee. I donno...i tried calling ian, and he "wasnt ready to talk". Dont know what that means, but i'm really harmless. I just wanted to wish him Happy Christmas and tell him i wish him enough. Jeez. Well i just dont know. I'm gonna go play with my new CD player.
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