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I heart theater.

Go now. You want to.

ETA: So I'm sitting in class, and my professor Alex lives in Uptown, a few blocks away from where we'll be living. Apparently, on monday, someone got shot by his house. This is not cool. However, he and his friend were discussing how strange it was to even hear sirens, and that the cops normally shut off their sirens when driving through Uptown. So yes, good neighborhood. Bad incident. Very rare, but still it's something I'm not going to let slip to my mother. It's so bizarre because last night when we were smoking our little peace pipe there was a girl that almost got mugged a few blocks away from Middlebrook. What the hell is going on?
Your entire life: by pixielust
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Who will you marry?a rich elderly person
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Will you be in therapy?No. You are well adjusted.
How many people will attend your funeral?1,089
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You freak.
by Hikaness
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HAHAHHAHAHA! *dies laughing*
ETA3: We're totally talking about Thoreau and Edgar Allan Poe in my Poetry of Rap Class. This class rocks so hard.
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