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Peanut Butter Fudge, Dorm stylee

Damn right we fudged that! Chocolate and peanut butter and *CHOMP*

Seriously, so good. Beyond words. While we were making it I plunged my fingers into the warm chocolate goo. I am hardpressed to think of anything that could rival the thrill, joy, and complete satisfaction one can find when submerging one of their digits -even if it's only a shallow fingertip - in thick, rich, warm, succulent chocolate. *slurp*

Uh...faithlynn is threatening me for no readily apparent reason. Hm. Imagine... It's quite possible that she's trying to play on my "fear". We had a near hysterical breakdown earlier. It's not what you think.

aither_nyx: What are you afraid of?
*simultaniously in feverish tones*
faithlynn: Nothing!
virtuistic: Everything!
WE: *dissolve into uncontrollable laughter*

In Other News:
- I got sunburned! No more Snowy McBlindsalot of Pastyville. Melanin to the rescue!
- I finished my course reader for TH1101. Thank God.
- We read Thurber and I read some more of The Nerd whilst outside enjoying the weather and it was just what the doctor ordered. Fuck that apple away keeps the doctor away shit. An apple, when thrown at the proper angle and speed, will keep anyone away. However, reading and listening to music in the sunlight on a beautiful spring day will restore your sanity and soothe your cantankerous frostbitten soul.
- We made tacos! Delish. I ♥ the mini skillet.
- We finally did the dishes. I am not going to elaborate on that any further, because ew. Just ew.
- Fudgefudgehifudge! Faith found the brilliant "microwavable" fudge mix that only requires milk and butter. It was my idea to melt peanut butter and put it on top and swirl it about inside the fudge. This is a perfect illustration of how much we rock.
- Good convo with the Matthew. Something in the pit of my stomach tells me he wont be getting out of the Air Force. Maybe it's pessimism. Maybe it's all the sugar. 0_o

Coming up next on the Felby Show...
- Apartment viewing tomorrow! *SQUEEOMG* Hardwood floor! Beamed ceilings! Newly renovated kitchen and bathroom! Heat, water, and garbage paid! Right on the bus line! Right next to a park and the neighborhood and... I mean, I just... yes.
- Mitch Hedberg's visitiation. *pause for reverence*
- Drawing Miah.
- Writing paper for Funformentals. Blehhhhhh.
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