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GAH! Recap! Now!

This will be very brief, as yes... I am totally in class.

Ok, so it's been a few days. Odd... I apologize. I just needed to think after Closer. I am alive, I swear. We(faithlynn and I) went down to Madtown for Easter, which was ridiculously amusing. The drive down there was manic. We had a couple of speeding buddies along the way... one of them was way too intense, even for me. I tried keeping up with him and we got to about 115 mph before I gave up. He was going like 130 or something, because at 115 he was still pulling away fast. Sooo, we latched onto another speeder extraordinare and spent the remaineder of the trip at a comfortable 90-95 mph in a 65 mph zone. It was perfect too, because we were a trio caravan of speedy doom. There was a silver caddy in front of us, and a silver jetta behind us. It is always better to speed in packs.

We were going to leave at 8 am and get to my house at noon, which would have allowed us to chill with some of my homies. Unfortunately, we woke up at noon and didn't leave until about... 2:30. Playing back to that idea that I, as a human being, have an inexplicable need to always be late. It's in my bones, apparently. Still, we got home, had dinner and couldn't get ahold of anyone because that is also my luck. Therefore, Faith and I dove into my closet and found several exciting objects (see list below) went to the local hick bar and played pool, including a game with Mugsy and Andy and I haven't seen them since... fuck, since graduation. We left at around 12:30 a.m., and drove around the country lighting off silverfox black cat bottle rockets at random resonant intervals. We successsfully scared the shit out of all manners and forms of birdlife. See the list below. We did that until about 2 am, at which point we returned home and just craaaassshhhheeed.

Well, the next day we went to my grandma's house and had some marvelous discussions. See that list below. She's so fiesty. I hope I age as gracefully as she has. She's still got such an amazing sense of humor and is able to laugh at herself and still has a really great perspective on life. She's been through so much too, and the glass is still half full. It kinda freaks me out how similar she and I are, not only in respect to the family resemblence and the fact that I am almost her carbon copy... but even in the way we think. It's rockin'.

Alright.... fuck. Class is ending. LIST TIME! More recap to come.

Found in My Closet

Birds Successfully Scared Shitless
Sandhill Cranes

Topics of Discussion at Grandma Fae's
Direct quote: "Why would I wanna watch that? I'd rather participate." ...and yes. It's exactly what you think it is.
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