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No net, no net, la la la la la

SoDak Update:

Windy as a motherfucker!

Ok. So we have no internet in Matt's room. Therefore, I'll be storing all of my journal entries in my client and will post them in bulk... rawr. I'm in the library at present... and I'm really off-kilter today but I don't know why. I'm calm about it? It's no big deal, I'll function. I just feel a bit off.

I want to climb a mountain.

Yesterday was aight. A bit weird due to the lack of sleep, and it always makes my mind go even more abstract than it already is. All of that stuff that I would never dream of trying to communicate to another intelligent human being due to the extraordinary weirdness... gets even more strange. Anyway, last night we frolicked about in the snow. I finally got my bath, dammit! Watched Meet Me in St. Louis. And slept omg. I woke up at around noon thinking it must be 6 am becuase it was still so dark in the room.

...So there's this adorable little girl right next to me, and I really kinda want to hug her. She's so wee.

Whitney is making me so jealous with this description of their dining experience from the previous eve... not nice. I had a delicious tangerine last night though. Why does UDS never get tangerines? EH?

...Where is my wandering parakeet? Nevermind.

This is all so verreh verreh random. I've got too much thinking going on at once to grasp onto any single thread of thought and lash it down into word format. I'll keep writing in the client on my crappy lappy and it'll just be a barrage when I get home I suppose.
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