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One hour!!! Butterflies? Check. Sandimus is taking a shower and then she's going to finish packing. 0_0 Yeah... can't believe she isn't done yet. I have to pack my computer... and that's it. And that's just a quick fold-shove. I'm really not looking forward to sitting on a bus until 5:05 pm, though. I hope the drive is pleasant, and the view isn't horrid (aka Iowa-esque). If not, I have plenty of books and sleep to catch up on.

Due to this trip, I have finally broken down and fully embraced all of the dorkiness that is livejournal. (Yeah, yeah, as if having a paid account with extra userpics isn't already the epitome of geektastic...) I have downloaded a client. Hah. I don't know if there'll be wireless... I'm assuming there will be but fuck if I know. Especially if we do the road trip thing. Y'know, I just realized that I have no idea what the hell we're going to be doing...and I'm perfectly ok with that. Let it be an adventure! Anyway... if ya'll don't see head or tail from me for a week... I ♥ you all and I promise to misbehave. ^_~

In other news, I was going totally bonkers earlier. Seriously, I was once again consumed with ridiculous amounts of energy. Why can't these energy surges ever happen when I actually need them? At any rate, I remembered why staying up all night is actually kind of good for me... I get shit done. 0_o The Hell? Anywho, I think I might straighten the room a bit before I leave. My desk is in need of some serious reorganization... GAH! See what I mean?! With the cleaning and the doing and the GAH!
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