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Right. So I couldn't sleep last night and I have no idea why. I took a nap today, until about 3:00 and then Matt called to get the specifics about picking me up. This break is totally another one of those things I really can't believe is happening. So surreal, it's going to be incredible. I can't wait.

... I don't even know what else to say. Hah. Excited. Yis.

ETA: Ok, I found something to say. I went for a walk in the brisk winter weather, and it was actually pleasant. After you go numb you start feeling warm, comfortable, and a touch bonkers. I had to go to the bank anyway, but it was a really nice stroll. I made unbelievable time to Dinky Town though... side effect of the cold. I didn't feel like I was racing about but I made it from the dome to the brook in like, 15 minutes which is mad.

ETA2: It's 2 am again and I'm not tired at all. I think I'm going to watch all of the Harry Potter movies. No joke. Also, I will stay up all night and not take any naps because otherwise I will fuck up my sleeping pattern even MORE and then I run the risk of not waking up for my bus and I really can't have that because I need to not miss my bus. Sandy and I are going to rely on each other but still... I really need to be able to go to sleep early tomorrow night and wake up in the morning and get ready and get the hell out of this frigid city and stop talking in these humongous run-on sentences omg.
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