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Jewel, you suck.

I go about my business, doing fine.
Besides, what would i say if i had you on the line?
Same old story, not much to say.
Hearts are broken every day.

Dreams last so long
Even after you're gone
I know you love me
And soon I know you will see
You were meant for me
And i was meant for you.

god dammit. this is so ... shitty. I worked ahead in math. I must be deranged. I took a shower which made me feel a little bit more refreshed. Still feel like shit on the inside though. but i'm squeaky clean! now i'm talking with mal about the massive stupidity that is the scary movie.

1.) Why are all the girls complete idiots?

2.) Why do they always run upstairs when being chased by a killer?

3.) Why do people go into dark rooms and not turn on the lights when the creepy music obviously indicates that "Yes" the killer is in there.

4.) Why do people walk into the forest and say "Is anyone there?"

5.) Why do they lock their doors after the killer calls and tells them to?

6.) Why does the killer always have a lame ass excuse to be killing people? ib>"Yeah I'm your long lost brother that you never knew about so now i'm going to kill you!"</i>

I mean jesus! they killers should just be killers because they are mentally disturbed psychopaths. Like Hannibal, then again he was just an overeducated guy with nothing to do. Who really uses the word "disemboweled"? ... and then follows it up with "okie dokie". Freakin loser.

blah. this is kind of amusing but it isnt lightening my mood. I dont know whether i should call ian or not. i want to. i wanna hear his voice and i want to hear him say he misses me and kiss the phone in an attempt to make up for what he's done. I know he's as miserable as i am, but he's also enraged at the world and at himself and i dont want to call him and make it worse by doing so. But i need this resolved . . . now. preferably.
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