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Goodnight, Hunter.

He's still with me. The man is immortal.

I have taken to reading at least a page before I go to bed, if possible. Anyway... here goes.

"God damn it. I have bitten the front of my tongue again! Why? What have I eaten tonight that would cause me to draw blood from my own tongue? Where is the Percodan? Where is Anita? What is that noise in the bushes? Why am I so crazy all the time?"

"Is the president a clone? Is my car going to explode?"

"Wait a minute. Time out! Why am I writing all these things on this primitive red electric typewriter when I can read them all in real time on the goddamn overloaded Internet with the flick of a mouse or a button? Am I a Fool? Have I been bogged own in Alzheimer's all these years? What does it all mean, Homer?


I kid you not, centered ellipsis. So. Much. Love.

Anyway, I hate those kids that are starting to read his stuff now just because he's dead. Fucking posers. I also hate the google ads they're running on deviantART for all of his works just because he's dead. It's sacrilegious, blasphemous, and utterly disgusting. It's such a disservice, and a slap in the face for everything he stood for. Is nothing good, righteous, and edible anymore? Ugh.
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