December 29th, 2006


For the record...

I fucking hate inspirational writing.

That is, writing that seeks to inspire, motivate, refresh and make you feel good, even hopeful. The kind of shit that suggests a little change in your routine will result in great accomplishments and wild success, or that a simple change of mind will turn your troubles into multi-colored lollipops. It's so horribly patronizing. It oozes with thick, gooey kindness that is so impossibly good-natured and pure that it just wreaks of insincerity. "Happiness is only an attitude adjustment away," type nonsense.

It irritates me to no end. I want to slash and burn, and break the writer's pen, pencil, and keyboard. It's garbage. And it's sissy, wimpy, fluffy, effusive garbage at that.

"Try this simple plan, and together we can change the world for the better!"

... Or you can STFU with your crazy world-domination plan hiding behind vapid Hallmark pleasantries!


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New, seasonally-appropriate, default icon! It's even green!

Speaking of green... I'm getting to the point where I really want to update my layout... customize it, put in some snazzy links and maybe even one day a tag bar... but I'm so terrified I'll screw something up and I won't like it. I love the colors I have now, and I love the background image, and it all ties in magnificently with my journal name and subtitle...

Is anybody out there willing to help little 'ol me?

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Breaking News

Saddam Hussein is going to be executed tonight.

I don't normally talk about politics here, but what do you guys think about all this? I personally hate that his daughter couldn't come see her father before he is killed. I also can't believe they're going to hang him. That just seems so... barbaric. I realize that he has done horrible things, but he's still a human. He still has a family, and why can't we just do lethal injection?

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