September 17th, 2006


It's hard out here for a n00b...

Ahahhaa... I am in one hell of a weird mood, y'all. I think someone put crack in my Darjeeling.

Work was amusing tonight. In order to teach teh n00b proper soda-refilling procedure... I had him do it himself. Also, he was serving all the customers in the name of practice, and I pretty much got paid to babysit. Mind you, I'm totally cool with that. However, when he gave a customer a bottle of soda from the freshly jostled and restocked bunch, I was on the phone, and wasn't really paying attention. Until the loud hissing and the scream, that is. Then I was paying attention. We're talking fizzy, carbonated beverage all over and up in everyone's grill. Did you know that Dr. Pepper fountains when it's angry? It does, as it turns out.

I got sent home early on account of the Storm 'O Doom that never actually hit. Evidently there was penny-sized hail, 70 mph winds, and tornadoes ravaging the countryside... but I saw some cloud-to-cloud lightning and that was it. It didn't even rain. *shrug*

So now, I am sipping a cosmo (and I made it really well too), reading ye olde f-list and flirting with the notion of playing drunken Nintendo. I might finish up the FotR cast commentary and head to bed... but I can't tell. Who knows with me? Call me Impulse Girl, for that is what I am.

I do, however, wish to pimp a few things:
  • get_medieval - It's a webcomic, and it's hilarious. Plus, the artistry is amazing. It's clever, it's definitely creative, and it always amuses and cheers me. It involves an alien anthropologist (son of a mob boss) and an accountant (for said mob boss) getting stranded on medieval Earth. SO FUNNY.
  • drabble_0n - I've finally got it completely the way I want it! I created this awhile ago, and it's a community for drabble writers of all denominations, with an emphasis on concrit. I know some of you write drabbles, and I'd really love it if you'd join, and maybe pimp amongst your f-lists as well?
  • My friend Leah, _fitterhappier recently created a music blog that I would encourage everyone to check out. She has stellar taste in music, and there's some really good tunes up there from some of my favorite artists.

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smart girl

Sunday FTW!

OMFG. QUICHE LORRAINE! Seriously, I cannot even begin to describe how happy my mouth is. In case you haven't noticed, I love food. Do any of you have any good quiche recipes? If so, please send them to me! We can have a recipe swap! I'll give you the secrets of my home-made chili.

I have been ridonkulously clairvoyant today. I went to bed at five in the morning, but woke up promptly at 9, right before my alarm went off. Bright eyed, bushy tailed, and everything. Got up to take the dog out, but I had a feeling I should look before I let her out (because Gucci most emphatically does not get along with the neighbor's dog) and sure enough, as I poked my head out, his door opened and out came Zoe on a leash. So I grabbed Gucci's leash and took her out back instead. I decided to bring my camera to church, to take some pictures for the article in case that ever goes anywhere, but I thought I should bring extra batteries, just in case. About half-way through my pictures... batteries died suddenly. While I was taking photos I thought... I should call Sandy and at least see what she's up to, and right as I pulled out my phone she called. And only a moment ago, I was sitting here, typing away when I thought "Oop. I bet the timer's gonna go " -- BEEP. Seriously. I am made of win today! I think my brain might've finally come home!

In other news, I am about to embark on a picture voyage. I have an assignment due tomorrow that requires me to take several pictures of my neighborhooed to capture the essence and feel and distinction.

Since I'll be taking pictures anyway, is there anything you'd like to see? Request away!

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