June 30th, 2006


A shoutout...

muhnipul8a, be glad you didn't come.

The music tonight was Grade A Awful. I seriously put my earbuds in and blasted my iPod for awhile, just to get away from it. Patriotic Blues. What the fuck. It was unbearably republican, which is disgustingly ironic. Blues lyrics are supposed to rage against the man, against taxes, against being poor, not... "Hooray, let's win this war and bring our troops home victorious!" My God, they sang America in major 7th chords. It was excrutiating.

Srsly though, come on Tuesday. Then we can salsa dance together. It'll be hawt.

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So I get off work, and I check my voicemail to discover that...

I'M GOING TO SEE CHAMPIONS ON ICE TONIGHT FOR FREE, BITCHES! I get to see Yevgeny Plushenko in person! I get to see Michelle Kwan, and Johnny Weir, and Sasha Cohen, and Irina Slutskaya! It's like getting a free pass to the Olympics, without the competition and the grudges! I am SO. STOKED.

I was all tired from work, but now I'm so happy I think I'm gonna blast music and clean my room! Woot!

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