May 30th, 2006


Circle of Death = Morning of Death

muhnipul8a, I still don't know how you survive without air conditioning. Maybe it's easier being male, what with shirtlessness being socially acceptable and all.

Whatever, drinking with the boys was a hell of a lot of fun last night. Drunken biking on Damon's broken Huffy while wearing a semi-short skirt almost destroyed the last shred of my modesty, but it was a damn good time. I fail at being a girl.

That being said, I think beer is a sedative for me because I literally could not get up this morning. I wanted to get some laundry done but I was out like a drag queen in a pride parade.

Anyway, work at 4. I'm going to be chugging wakey-juice (coffee) until that time. Starting now. OMG. Coffee. ♥

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