May 4th, 2006



My computer is dying, again.

What I thought was an issue with the power port evidently sounds like a motherboard issue, again. Thanks, Mr. Minegrammar LeSucksalot of Tech-chateu! If my technologically informed friend is correct in his assessment, this will be the fourth motherboard that my dear, laptop-friend, Jorge, has eaten in during his short 3 year life. It will be the third time Jorge has died during finals, and it has solidified my resolve to never purchase a Gateway product for the rest of my days on this earth.

That being said, as I cannot move the computer without it instantly losing power and going dead (and honestly, who knows if he'll ever turn on again), it is quite probable that I might be "going away" for awhile, unless I can convince Faith to drag her computer out here for the probable three weeks that mine will be under the screwdriver and soldering iron...which I probably can. BUT STILL.

Let it be known that I AM NOT HAPPY. See icon for further details.

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