April 18th, 2006



I know what you'll be thinking, 'Oh no she fucking didn't.' The answer is, of course, 'Yes, she fuckin' did.'

Let me give you a bit of context. All y'all know I haven't been having a good time lately. Especially not this weekend. You may also know that I didn't go to class this morning because I needed some time off. My Grandpa has been in the hospital all the fucking time. Last semester during finals week I lost my Grandma Fae. The semester before that during finals week I lost my Grandma U. I am seriously beginning to think that my finals kill my family. So, my Grandpa had his stints checked on today. This is a lot of surgery for a man his age, and it's getting near that time. All we need is for that shit to get infected, or for his body to reject the stints and the trend will continue.

So. This on top of everything else? I didn't feel like going to class. Yes, I could've. I chose not to, and I'm not disputing that. HOWEVA! When I e-mail my fucking TA two days in advance to get details and an outline for the upcoming project because the WebCT "outline" is vague and absolutely worthless, I expect a TA to clarify. [the aforementioned worthless website tells us to direct all questions to the TA too, because duh.] Why? Because it's her job. She is being paid to assist in the teaching of a class that I am paying for, dammit.

Instead, she sends me back a snarky e-mail saying that I should've gone to class, should remember that the webCT is only a supplement, should realize that there won't be full outlines ore handouts on that site [seriously, the syllabus isn't even on there. Why the fuck have it at all?], and told me to get the information from a classmate that took notes. Can we say bullshit? Yes, yes we can. Even the people that go to class never take notes. It's practically a scientific fact. And so... fuck everyone. I am not being nice today. So I responded accordingly with a "Bitch, Do Your Job" e-mail.

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For real, I got a parking ticket today and a TA that doesn't want to do her fuckin' job. The only good thing about today was the library removing all my fines for bringing them a replacement book. If tomorrow continues this pattern of sucking, Shelby gonna hafta choke a bitch. Hard.

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Wow, PMS. You have impeccable timing. Now if I kill someone, I can chalk it up to hormonal imbalance. Huzzah!

Thankfully, the TA replied and acquiesced to my demands. She's still trying to tout her authority, and said that she's just growing extremely impatient with everyone who hasn't come to class. It's a lecture of a couple hundred, and attendance isn't required. What the hell does she expect? I had to restrain myself from writing back something like, "FYI: Not my fault. Oh, and you don't have the right to be impatient. You aren't teaching the class. The only reason you are there is to assist students who may not understand class materials or help those who weren't in class to catch up. Deal with it." But I won. I don't need to rub it in.

Anywho! Despite the cramps, my morning has been a smashing success! I got what I needed from the asstyrant, and Faith bought me Narnia and GoF for my belated presents! My flatmate is made of win. Now we shall go frolic into the morning and attend our horticulture lecture! Although, I think I can propagate/save any plant now. We came home from the weekend and one of our hibiscus plants was severely wilted. I clipped a couple of leaves, poured on some water and gave it some extra food and now the sucker is back in action. Oh, greenery.

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So there's this really badass severe thunderstorm going on right now... and I would be thoroughly enjoying it if I wasn't so confused about where the hell my flatmate is?

She and the beagle have disappeared, she paused the TV before she left, she left her phone here, and left the apartment with a lit candle in her room. This doesn't seem very Faith-ish. All I know is that her car is gone. Um? Donde?

ETA: YOWZA! Shit just went down. Massive lightning strike nearby, and now everywhere I look or every time I blink I see the squiggle that was once a giant lightning bolt. Right then. I'm goin' outside!
ETA2: She has returned, with beagle and loveseat in tow.

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