March 29th, 2006


This is a tasty sandwich!

Few people properly celebrate delicious sandwiches. I am here to rectify this, because this sandwich is a tastegasm.

It has the miraculous whip, the cheese of the Swiss, the mustard of the white wine, the turkey of the smoked, and the wheat bread of the 12-grain Dakota variety. It may be simple, but it is a thing of true beauty. It has the perfect balance of all ingredients. Clearly, I am a master of sandwiching.

Also, I haven't seen a commercial for Grey Poupon in ages. I used to love those things. Now I love Grey Poupon, which I guess makes sense. It doesn't have to rely on commercials anymore, this stuff - like any brilliant produt - sells itself.

Anyway, my only class was cancelled on the most gorgeous day of the week! It's sunny, warm, breezy, and it smells like green! I woke up at 10 and read in a patch of sunlight for an hour. In another hour or so, I'm gonna go to the rec center with Sandy (badminton is ON), but I almost would rather just walk around the lake three or four times because it's soooo pretty. Plus, then the beagle might finally stfu. There are little children outside, shrieking and revelling in the spring-ness and I will allow that they are slightly annoying (even though I kind of want to play with their sidewalk chalk). Gucci, however, thinks they are a scourge upon her territory. Their presence is clearly an abomination unto her because she's been watching them like an extremely malevolent hawk, standing on the arm of the couch and peering out the window (she's such a cat), and growling at them whenever they get near our neck of the sidewalk. It's a good thing she's fixed.

Our herbies love the new weather! The cilantro is perking up and the basil leaves are starting to get biiig. Even though I *just* repotted them, I'm pretty sure they'll outgrow their new pots reeally quickly now that the sunlight is returning to the great whitey north. *sigh* Oh well... I guess we'll just have to buy a garden plot. I'm seriously thinking about it, because I love fresh vegetables and I am totally a closet gardener. Plus, plantlife!

Did I mention that my Herbology teacher's name is Bud? 'Cause it totally is.

So, as you can tell, today has been made of awesome. I've been bopping around here on and off this morning too, because it is made of super-mega-hyper-awesome.

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