March 18th, 2006


Oi! Let's have a doch-an-dorris!

No rly, let's! A doch-an-dorris for all!

Also, GIP! You see that? That new default icon? Do you know what that means? That means a new lj layout is coming soon! *gasp* I worked on it a lot all day: finding the pictures, making some graphics, and it still needs some tweaking but it's coming! Dun dun dunnnn! High drama, indeed.

Poll #693311 Color Coordination

What color do you think my layout will be?

Deep Blue

Also, I know I promised a couple of you that I'd do a news roundup today, and I'm sorry... I got distracted with the pictures and the cropping and the hues and the excuses. It's coming tomorrow, I promise. Scouts honor.

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News Roundup! Doch-and-dorris Edition

Right on schedule as promised! Check it out, I'm doing the news!

Friends and recs
- Fred's Epic Tragedy

- Ocean goes "Bloop", ashendi and various scientists blame sea monster. I for one, blame the phenomenon on the collective cry of editors around the world bemoaning the massive typo. Woe!

- blyssfulchaos tipped me off to these. CD for a dollar? NO WAI! Also, Bob Marley's Bassist has 52 Children. That's not what the article is about, but damn.

Write about me, I'm Irish!
- Evidently, Barbara Bush got in on the festivities. Cheers!

- Also, it seems that just like Valentine's day,
Americans have blown St. Patrick's day waaay out of proportion, and into another excuse to co-opt a cultural holiday, spend money and drink a lot. Cheers!

- Also, I just want to say that there are 8 million articles about gays marching in St. Patrick's day parades around the globe, and I hate that it has been made a giant controversy. I'm glad that they marched, and no - I'm not linking an article because I'm really sick of the whole "homosexual agenda" conspiracy, because rly, where is my gay apocalypse? I don't see it coming.

Political Pandemonium
- Dick "Buckshot" Cheney played a one hour set with his band "Dickie and The Trigger Happy Birdie Killers" at Folsom Prison! It's a musical revolution!

- This is a good example of why I absolutely hate boot camps and the Army in general. I have punched every friend of mine who's gone into the service at least twice. That's no lie.

- MySpace conspiring against freedom of speech? A trojan horse aiding in internet censorship, you say? OMG NO WAI! *This video? Hilaaarious. Oh, and before any haterade gets spilled, I told you MySpace was lame from the beginning. Called it!

- Google, however, will not have to disclose what people have been searching for! Which is probably for the better, I - myself - am willing to bet it'd be a awful lot of p0rn, and those dirty old men in Washington (or Pennsylvania, whatev.) are just looking for an excuse*.
*Honey, I swear it's just research!

Requiscat in Pace
- Oleg Cassini dies at age 92. If the name means nothing, think Jaqueline Kennedy. Oh so glamorous.

- Narvin Kimball, the last founding member of the New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band, dies at 97. I enjoyed learning about you in high school, Sir. You were, and still are, oh so jazzy.

Heads Up
- If you live in California, don't eat at Denny's. No rly, it's for your own safety. I wouldn't eat at Denny's regardless of location, but this is *slightly* more important.

- Oi! Minneapolis folk! Van Morrison is comin' to town! It's like a second Christmas!

- Okay, so this isn't news... but it's the best commercial ever.

Entertainment Extravaganza!
- Tom Cruise is still a whiny bitch. It won't stop, but if we're lucky he won't promote his own movie!

- I can't decide if this hat is awesome or awful.

- It's the end of an era for Neverland. Quothe the raven, nevermore.

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You! Right there! GO TO THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY. I just got back from it, and it was fucking incredible. I have no words. Not real ones, anyway. The amazingness is unsurpassable. I wasn't expecting anything and it blew my mind. I can't even ... It was so good. I was sqirming. It was like a prolonged orgasm. THAT GOOD.

I mean it kicked the Matrix's ass sideways and to the 17th curb. They outdid themselves! How?! I don't even know, and I watched it. I'm going again, and everyone should go see it. I... uh... pppwwwbiit. Big baaada boom. Good music. No, fantastic music. Gorgeous cinematography. Natalie Portman! Hugo Weaving! Oh God!

JUST GO! NOW! I can't... I shan't! Not until I see it again and can actually speak. No spoilers, but you're lucky! It's AMAZING. Hopefully next time I'll be capable of coherancy.

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