February 24th, 2006



Frankenstien opened tonight! We're off and rolling, and the sound cues were as smooth as glass. Delicious.

That being said, is this show over yet? I am such an impatient twelve year old inside, and I just want to run around and play. This whole responsibility thing just isn't my bag.

Anyway, I seem to have gotten myself involved with the LOST friending meme. F-list, I know several of you are equally addicted. Don't even try to front.

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Oh! And flist, since I'm already addressing you directly... I am so completely surprised that so many of you actually read that emo-babbly crap. I cut it to save you and your corneas, but I thank you for fearlessly braving the dangerously consumptive turf. Your comments made me feel like I was basking in the summer sunlight while floating down a peaceful river in a gondola filled with puppies. ♥

In other news, my stomach seems to have morphed recently. I can't seem to get enough to eat. I am hungry all the time. I get cravings for the strangest things too. Earlier today I decided that the one thing I really needed in my life was a ginormous portion of either fried green tea ice cream or sweet corn. Um, what?! Before you ask, no... I am not pregnant. There is no possible way, barring immaculate conception. Now I realize that I do consider my constant cravings for creme brulee and/or sweet coconut curry and/or sushi to be normal, but still. Double yew tee eff, mate?

Oh, and because I don't gloat about this nearly enough, my weekend has started already! I have no classes on Friday, ever! HI, WEEKEND. I'm so happy I might just write an Invasion recap do my homework. Riiiiight.

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Count Down...

Is it weird that I'm literally just counting down the time before I have to be back at Rarig? It feels weird. 4 hours and 15 minutes, ideally. I think I might take a walk. It's sunny and warm outside, for a pleasant change. It's almost 40 degrees! (*This is the cue for you Californians to not rain on my parade, thx verreh much. ♥) What say you, Faithlet? Shall we take a springtime stroll along the lakeshore?

Howeva! I am coming down with something, methinks. I woke up this morning to scream at yon barking beagle and I got , "*gaspwheeeeze* Shhhh...u...ooh mieh vhhoice ees gone." It was a surprise, but I think it's getting better as I drink this horrible coffee.

I don't care what anyone says, and I know my grandfather does this 8 or 9 times a day, but microwaved coffee is gross y'all. Even if it's only a couple of hours old, and was made from fresh ground beans it's still disgusting. Also disgusting? The fact that my brownie is about as soft and chewy as a brick. Hmm. This gives me an idea for a top 5 list.

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I'm debating whether or not do do some legitimate work. I probably should, but I just don't feel like it. I could water the planties! Our basil plant is sprouting second leaves now! The Cilantro has been doing that for awhile, and actual cilantro leaves are forming and it's starting to smell like yum. The chives are interesting, because several of them have died, but the ones that have survived seem very strong and determined. Maybe I'll pour some coffee on them. Evidently they like that sort of thing.

Alright, I've decided. I'm going to shower, and hopefully by the time I'm out the flatmate will be home and we can take a walk. This weather is too gorgeous and rare to be squandered. Besides. I'm sure Gucci would adore being walked.

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