January 13th, 2006

bitch plz


Quite recently, livejournal has undergone a number of irritating changes. I'm here to talk to you about some of them, and one in particular.

Minor Grievances
I have never been a fan of the My LJ addition; however, I will allow that during the great LJ Comment Crisis of '05, when many and most comment notifications were lost to the vanishing beyond, it was helpful. Still, I know how to update my livejournal and how to navigate it, thx verreh much. Still, there is a conceivable use for it, and I'll keep my irritation at bay with that fact.

Yet, a few days ago I went to my userinfo to click on the hunger-site links and noticed the second most annoying thing that livejournal has done in a long time, taking form as a new link underneath my userpic that says simply, "view all userpics" and linking you to all of them. Honestly, if y'all didn't know to just click on the default userpic then know that I am shaking my head in shame at you.


HOWEVAH! There is something far more dubious and disturbing, and it has merited the following notice:

*Evidently livejournal has added a new function to the userinfo of anyone on your friendslist, allowing you to "nudge" them. The button looks like an enlarged finger prodding a livejournal user icon that is desperately trying to escape.

It's function is akin to the facebook poke, and you all know how much I loathe that vile thing. Except this "nudge function" will e-mail a form letter (and we all know that form letters are the tools of Satan, created to bring mass-produced misery and angst) to the friend in question if they haven't posted in over a week, let them know that you noticed they haven't posted in over a week, and ask them to "Be a friend and post."

WARNING: If you ever do that to me, I will smite you. I'm talking screaming, raging and completely inescapable hellfire, man. You'll be on my notice board, possibly off my f-list, and you'll have the guilt of your transgression hanging over your head for the rest of your life. And you will be smote. Smitten in the past tense. I am totally serious about this. I am most emphatically not ok with the nudging.

Look, I love you all dearly. You know this. s, and all that. C'mon though, if you notice that I haven't written in awhile and are concerned or miss me or similar, just e-mail me or message me. Feel free. I've got loads of contact information in my userinfo, and most of you already talk to me on some form of messenger anyway. I totally appreciate concern, but "be a friend and post" crosses my line.

Most of y'all know me. I don't not post to play mind games with you and make you feel forsaken. If I don't update, there's a specific reason and I probably want some quiet time (or am on vacation?). So "Be a friend and post" will result in one or all of the following.

1. Be a friend and get the shit off my back if I don't feel like writing an entry!
2. Be a friend and talk to me if you're concerned about my absence.
3. Be a friend and punch yourself in the face for even considering "nudging" me, plzkthx.

This just irritates me a lot because it seems a titch pushy to me. Not only that, but I think this function is a total waste of time seeing as there are multiple ways to personally contact people on your friendslists that do not include evil satan-spawn form letter spam. Plus, shouldn't they be trying to fix the fact that some of us still aren't getting our comment notifications? Or the fact that the memories function still says it's temporarily unavailable, even though it's totally not because when you refresh it suddenly it's right there? Priorities, y'all. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, that's my two cents and my warning.

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Let iTunes be...

Today is glorious. There's blue sky and puffy white clouds and it's just lovely. It's still a little spring-like for January, but I'm willing to cope with that today.

Kyia and Carmen are comin' up from the C'ridge to visit me for the weekend, and I'm stoked. I've been on a massive cleaning spree in preparation, and it's been enjoyable. Hell has frozen over, I tell you what.

Now, when I clean I like to listen to tunes at extremely high volumes. Recently we found out that our television has a radio tuner so I can pump my iPod through the glorious 1,000 watt stereo system. I have been doing this, and enjoying it thoroughly because even though the iPod is on random, it's spitting out the best cohesive tunes ever. It's almost like it's got a genre mix because it's flowing nicely and the mood is just perfect. ♥

Also, every morning when I get up I generally water our new plants. Today, I looked up on the fridge and the basil pot is filled with sprouts! They're so cute and wee! They're only about a quarter of an inch high and they're bent and they have two little leafies and they're a bright radioactive green and I'm so excited zomg! The cilantro and dill are both sprouting too! Greenthumb, ahoy! I feel like such a nature participant, even though these plants will likely never see the outside of my apartment and will suffer much harvesting for the sake of my meals. Still, I brought them to life! Frankenstien stylee! They're even green! Wheee plantlife!

ETA: Also, if you haven't, please read this. If you disobey and were uninformed, I'll still eat your firstborn.

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